24 loudspeakers, control hardware, computer, pure data script

24 Loudspeakers, pilled up to form a compact black tower. Each loudspeaker plays a recording of a single person narrating her/his personal experience of the slow disintegration of her/his work environment.

Technicians, engineers, executive managers, technical experts, and former employees at the high tech R&D center of the company Qimonda AG, in Dresden, Germany recount their experiences and opinions regarding the position they had, their work, the technological relevance of the activity, their expectations, the waiting, the social plans, and about the successive waves of lay offs right up until their last day at work.

The playback, controlled by the program Pure Data, plays the stories in short cycles of 2 to 5 minutes. Each report is randomly interrupted by small pauses. These pauses gradually increase over the duration of each cycle, thus bit by bit silence the whole tower.

Featuring: Michiel Kupers, Alberto Lopez Gomez, Günther Czech, Siggi Froebel, Ulrich Egger, Heiner Ollendorf, Mario Franz and a further 16 ex-Qimonda employees, who wish to remain anonymous.

Loudspeakers provided by Nubert electronic GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany (,
Multichannel amplifiers provided by FOX INGENIEURBÜRO, Berlin, Germany.

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