No third Man (show)

Solo show, Offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost, Helgoland, Germany 4. Febr. - 3. March 2019

The show "No third man" realized at the Offshore Wind farm Nord See Ost in 2019 was the first part of my residency „Visit“ granted by the innogy foundation.

Team (Theory/Practice): Sculpture in two parts

Wind farm maintenance workers must wear fall arresting devices when climbing on offshore constructions. They use pipe hooks to secure themselves to the structures. For safety reasons, each mission is carried out by a team of three people. There is a special and very close relationship within such a team. Accidents can quickly have fatal consequences. The two-part sculpture "TEAM (theory / practice)" is dedicated to this specific team structure. The “Theory” part, made from three original aluminum pipe hooks, was placed in the control room on the Helgoland island, the other, made of glass, “Practice”, has been located in the team room of the transformer station on the high seas.

Irony: Betreibsanweisung

The work reflects on the of use of irony as a means of resistance in intern communication. It mimics the form of a specific operating instruction “Betriebsanweisung”, a document which should point out dangers and show protective measures.

Higly invisible: sleeping pillow

The wind farm is reached by CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel). The journey from Helgoland takes 1h30 and starts around 6:00 in the morning. The workers continue to sleep in the boat and wake up when the first wind turbines appear. In order to honor this moment of sleep , I made “high visibility” sleeping pillows for the workers.

Routine: Screensaver

Artist: Label for big-packs

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