At risk

Risk analysis workshop, 5 hours

Over the last decades the relationship between artists and corporations has evolved beyond traditional models of collecting art and sponsorship. New forms have appeared, more actively engaging the artists in a cooperation with - and within - organizations.

Artists are not only believed to be interesting partners in creative and innovative projects, they also assume the role of organizer and coach, facilitator or coordinator. In addition to the creation of new processes, products, services or art works, collaborative projects are expected to give greater visibility to both the company and the artist. They should help to develop “hidden” talents, know how, skills and attitudes, while allowing room for mutual inspiration and critical reflection.

The workshop „At Risk“ which took place on the 25th of october 2012 in Amsterdam was aimed at exploring the following questions:
- To what extent can a collaboration with contemporary artists prove to be problematic for a company?
- How complex is it for a contemporary artists to develop art in response to a precise business agenda?

„At Risk“ was gathering eight participants coming from the art and corporate world: autonomous artists, project leaders, managers and consultants. Guided by a professional moderator and using a classical risk analysis approach, the participants explored the potential hazards of collaborative projects. Starting with the analysis of classical interaction projects, they worked towards the creation of a risk matrix visualizing the most important risks, the likelihood of their occurrence and their severity.

With kind support of: Goethe Institut Amsterdam, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Rijksakademie van beeldende Kunsten.

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